How to Use the Walls in Indoor Soccer

If you play the type of indoor soccer with walls on the sides of the playing field, there’s a whole new element of strategy and tactics to the game. Most players don’t know how to use the walls effectively, so by learning how to do so, you can get a huge advantage over them and become a vastly better player.

The first important thing to note is what angle the wall is at. On the sides of the field, the wall is probably straight. However, in the corners, the walls are often curved instead of being at right angles. I’ll help you out with each of these three cases.

When the walls are straight, they are most often used for beating a defender one-on-one. You certainly can pass off the straight walls, but since you likely can’t get a great angle for the ball to come off the wall, you should focus on using it to get past your opponent. I’ve found that the most effective fake when you’re using the wall is to fake as if you’re cutting into the middle of the field, but when quickly tap the ball off the wall and run around the defending. They’ll be off balance and usually won’t be able to turn around quickly enough to steal the ball.

Walls that end in a sharp corner are essentially like straight walls. You can drive to pass off them at and angle to send the ball in front of the goal, but most of the time, you should use them to juke around a defender instead.

Curved walls at corners are my favorites. They’re great for passing into the middle of the field, in front of the goal. You need to hit the wall where it’s about halfway through its curve in order to send the ball into the middle of the field. This works beautifully and often catches the defence off guard so your teammate can quickly convert the pass into a goal.


Those are some of my tips for playing indoor soccer with walls - I think the new dimension of strategy is very interesting, and I highly recommend trying it out! One thing you'll need, though, if you're playing indoor soccer, is indoor cleats! Check out that site for some great info on indoor cleats.

Extra tip time! Watch out for hitting the other players into the walls. This is a serious offense and can earn you a yellow card. If you don't know how that works in indoor soccer, check out how penalties and cards work in indoor soccer!